intermediate kitesurfing lesson

From beginner to intermediate kitesurfing lesson in Essaouira.

from 80€

3 hours

Why choose intermediate kitesurfing lesson in essaouira?

Teaching beginners kitesurfing is a real passion for the team leader at Kite Paradise. If you want to learn, he wants to teach you. Essaouira Kite Paradise loves to introduce new people to the sport and loves helping them progress from rookie to rockstar in a few easy steps. We recommand to follow 4 days beginners to intermediate kitesurfing course if you want to learn to kitesurf.

We’ll teach you everything from scratch. Although kitesurfing can seem daunting at first, with expert guidance you can progress much more quickly than you might think. By the end of the course you’ll know where it’s safe to kite surf, how to fly a power kite and have the skills and confidence you need to get up on your board and ride.

Our beginners to intermediate kitesurfing course is scheduled to run over 4 steps. Because beginners need a high level of attention we highly recommend private lessons for you – it’s the quickest way learn how to kitesurf and for you to make progress. Making progress will make you happy, and we want you to be happy!

Everyone progresses at a different rate but this is roughly what you’ll be doing on each day of the course.

Kitesurf and surf school

our 4 steps progression method

What you can expect with our team !

We adapt the lessons depend of the level and progression of each one


Choose the ideal area

Presentation of equipment

Kite set-up traingin

Safety procedures

Lunching & Landing

Kite piloting in water



Body drag

One hand body drag

Board recovery in deep water

First water start on the board


Training to water start

Fully autonomous with kite

Fully autonomous with safety awarness

Board recovery in deep water

Water start in both directions


Good control of your kite

Good control of your water start

Riding both directions

Beginning to go upwind

Kitesurf and surf school



Wind + Sun + Sea + Sand. Essaouira is the perfect spot to kite all the year. Daily lessons until 6 PM or sunset.


Current year CRAZYFLY and OZONE Kites & Board. Harness, Wetsuit, Helmets & Life vest.

for all

Beginners, intermediate and advanced kitesurfer will ride to his own level.


We teach you to kitesurf in a safe & fun way. We will have you up on your board and riding like a rockstar.


Coaching from UCPA or VDWS certified Instructors. All the team is devoted and passionate.


We speak English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Kitesurf and surf school

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