Why to choose Essaouira for your Kitesurf Holidays? What to do after your Surf lesson? How come to Essaouira? Find all the tips to prepare your Kitesurf & Surf trip to Essaouira and read some information about the city !


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Located on the windy Atlantic coast, about two hours southwest of Marrakesh, is the small city of Essaouria. “Swerah” as locals call it, or it’s old Portuguese name “Mogador”. This blue seaside town combines some of the best of what Morocco has to offer — excellent beaches, great food and vibrant culture — with a chill atmosphere that isn’t as prominent in other parts of the country.

This vibrant city has a long history of colonization. The Portuguese were responsible for the construction of the massive stone walls that still surround the old medina of Essaouira. This, among other reasons, is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its long beach, calm harbor and friendly locals, Essaouria has developed into one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco. Surfers glide over the waves, the call of seagulls echo, and fishing boats pull into harbor. The salt air here is a crisp respite after a few days in Marrakesh or the heat of the Sahara.

a maximum 
of activities & leasures

Essaouira is not only a Kitesurf & Surf destination. The city offers a large range of activities, for all tastes, to enjoy the best of what Morocco has to offer.

Destination Kitesurf Maroc


1h Yoga class

Destination Surf Maroc


1h ride on the beach

Spot Kitesurf Maroc


1h ride on the beach

Spot Surf Maroc

mountain bike

2h ride with a guide

Spot Kitesurf Essaouira


2h ride on the Beach and dunes

Spots Surf Essaouira


1/2 day beach fishing

Stage Kitesurf

cooking class

Cooking class with a Moroccan family

Stage Surf Maroc


Prices depending on the institute
Traditional Hammam & Massage

Séjour Kitesurf Europe

swimming pool

Prices depending on the Villa
Access to a private swimming pool

prepare your 

direct flights for essaouira

  • BORDEAUX : Easyjet - Wednesday, Saturday
  • BRUXELLES ZAVENTEM : Ryanair - Tuesday, Saturday
  • CASABLANCA : Royal Air Maroc - Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
  • LONDRES STANSTED : Ryanair - Tuesday, Saturday
  • LYON : Easyjet - Tuesday, Saturday
  • MARSEILLE : Ryanair - Monday, Friday
  • PARIS ORLY : Transavia - Monday, Wednesday, Firday, Sunday
  • TOULOUSE : Ryanair - Tuesday, Saturday

transfer from another city

  • BUS : les compagnies Supratours et CTM relient Essaouira depuis Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca...
  • MARRAKECH : 2h30 de route
  • AGADIR : 3h00 de route

getting around

  • ON FOOT : Essaouira is a smal city, where it's easier to get somewhere by foot than by car.
  • BICYCLE : You can rent a bike during your stay to move faster around the city.
  • TAXI : the blue taxi offer fixed prices : 7DHS / day ride and 8DHS / night ride, wherever you go in the city.


  • PASSEPORT : Your passport must be valid for six months following date of entry. Registration form in an academic Program in Morocco. No visa required for stay up to three months for North Americans and Europeans.


  • 1€ = 11,30 MAD : (conversion sujette à variation).
  • CONVERTIR LES DEVISES : The Moroccan Dirham is not available to be bought outside of Morocco. For your holiday it is best to take Euros, Dollars, Pounds Sterling, in cash to change in Morocco. You will find change offices using the same government controlled exchange rate.
  • ATM : are widely available throughout the country. Note, however, that the exchange rate that you get from the card companies will be less cost effective than changing money in a bank or hotel. Maximum withrdawal of 2000 DHS.
  • CREDIT CARDS : Most hotels and most reputable shops will accept major credit cards. Even when shopping in markets, some credit cards will be accepted. However beware, some souk shops may try to load another 5-10% on the price of the article when they see a credit card. There is minimal acceptance of Euro cheques although this method should not be relied upon..

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