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Why to choose Essaouira for your Kitesurf Holidays? What to do after your Surf lesson? How come to Essaouira? Find all the tips to prepare your Kitesurf & Surf trip to Essaouira and read some information about the city !

Located on the windy Atlantic coast, about two hours southwest of Marrakesh, is the small city of Essaouria. “Swerah” as locals call it, or it’s old Portuguese name “Mogador”. This blue seaside town combines some of the best of what Morocco has to offer — excellent beaches, great food and vibrant culture — with a chill atmosphere that isn’t as prominent in other parts of the country.

This vibrant city has a long history of colonization. The Portuguese were responsible for the construction of the massive stone walls that still surround the old medina of Essaouira. This, among other reasons, is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its long beach, calm harbor and friendly locals, Essaouria has developed into one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco. Surfers glide over the waves, the call of seagulls echo, and fishing boats pull into harbor. The salt air here is a crisp respite after a few days in Marrakesh or the heat of the Sahara.

Best things to do in Essaouira : the Medina, the fishing harbour, the Skala walls, Tagharte beach, the sun set view from a rooftop, listen to Gnawa music live band…

Discover Essaouira with these two epic video : the first one shows the city of Essaouira, its tradtional culture and local handicraft, with electronic music. The second film is shot on the kitesurf spot, at the south part of the bay and shows the wild beach of Essaouira.


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Essaouira : spot conditions & weather forecast

The Bay of Essaouira

Essaouira’s main beach is a large 3kms sandy coastline. The Mogador Bay is almost closed by the large Island of Mogador, making it a relatively peaceful harbour protected against the atlantic swell. Essaouira is a perfect kitesurfing spot to ride throughout the year. The side wind is reputed to blow almost every day. Reach the spot for Kitesurfing or Surfing courses at Essaouira!

kitesurfing spot

Wind, Wind, Wind ! Essaouira is also known as “The Wind City” of Morocco. The wind mostly blows from the north-east, and because of the side direction, Essaouira is a pretty safe and perfect for kitesurfing spot. The wind blows daily, especially during summer months and the highlight season from April to October. It occasionally increases up to 35 knots, although it usually stays consistent between 15-25 knots.

surfing spot

The islands of Mogador filter the swell and let beautiful waves pass. Essaouira surf spot is very safe without rip currents and rocks. You can surf throughout the entire year in Essaouira. Winter is the highlight surfing season, with a bigger swell. Essaouira Bay is a perfect spot to learn surfing, for beginners and kids.


Side shore, daily wind getting stronger throughout the day, blowing between 15-25 knots.


Pretty flat spot during summer months. Off coast swell between 1-1,5m. 

Air temperature

The air temperature reach a maximum of 30 degrees C (86F) in the summer. The wind can makes a cooler feeling.

Water temperature

The water temperatures sitting around 17-22 degrees (62-72F). We recommend a 3.2 wetsuit.


50% of windy days from November to March, blowing between 15-25 knots.


Highlight surfing season from December to February, the swell is getting between 1,5 et 2,5m hight.

Air temperature

The sun is still strong, but the evening and night are much cooler.  Air temperature from 18-25 degrees (64-77F) during the day, and from 10-15 degrees (50-59F) during the night.

Water temperature

The water temperature sitting around 17-19 degrees (62-66F). We recommend a 4.3 integral wetsuit.