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why learning kitesurf with us?

Our Kitesurf school is affiliated to IKO – the International Kiteboarding Organization – guaranteeing the best way to progress and to learn kitesurf in a safe way. With us, you will be certified and your kite level will be recognized all around the world with the best reference in the kite world.

Essaouira is a perfect kitesurfing spot to ride throughout the year. The side wind is reputed to blow almost every day. Reach the spot for Kitesurfing courses at Essaouira!

kitesurf courses at essaouira

kite lessons for all skills level

We’ll teach you everything from scratch. Although kitesurfing can seem daunting at first, with expert guidance you can progress much more quickly than you might think. By the end of the kite course you’ll know how to fly a power kite and have the skills and confidence you need to get up on your board and ride.

If you already have Kitesurfing skills, and you want to smooth out your transitions, learn to ride unhooked or master your first jumps, join advanced Kite level lessons. If that’s what you want, then this is the course you need.

Read more about our progression method to know what you can learn during your Kitesurfing course in Essaouira.

your question about kitesurf courses

No Wind, No Pay guarantee : in case there is not enough wind to achieve your kite booking courses, you will pay just for the hours used. Essaouira is the windiest spot of the Moroccan coast, so be sure to have a windy stay! The spot is also famous for surfing and the city offers many others activities, so you will never get bored in Essaouira!

You will proceed your kitesurf courses payment depending the hours of lesson accomplished and the type of lesson you choosed (group, semi-private, private).

If you book in advanced, a desposit is made by credit card. On the spot, the payment is made by cash only. Euros and Dirhams are both accepted. The conversion rate is set at 1€ = 10,5 DHS.

Actually, there is no age limit in learning how to fly a kite, but if we want to provide a more accurate answer we should take in concern more the weight than the age, 30 kgs is the minimum weight at which a child can start kitesurfing.

It is absolutely essential for a child to start kitesurfing to be able to swim proficiently, not  be afraid of water and of course to have the willingness to learn.

Our school delivers IKO certification. To obtain your certification you must have been taught by an active IKO Instructor. At the end of your kitesurfing courses, your instructor will evaluate your level and get your IKO registration. With your IKO card, you will be able to keep practicing kitesurf wordlwide.

kiteboarding lesson prices

Location matériel Kitesurf Essaouira

kitesurf courses

Kitesurf stage essaouira

group lesson

Leçon kitesurf maroc

semi-private lesson

Kitesurf essaouira

private lesson

Location matériel Kitesurf Essaouira

kitesurf courses programme

  • Class duration : 3 hours,
  • 3 types of classes : choose group, semi-private or private kite lesson,
  • Additional lessons : possibility to add additional kite lessons on the spot, depending on availability and weather conditions. Possibility to book to 2 kite sessions a day, depending on weather and your energy.
  • Meeting Place : let’s meet at Essaouira Kite Paradise School, where you will be equipped with kite gear. Then you will join the kitesurfing spot with your instructor.
  • Meeting time : depending on the best weahter forecast of the day.
  • Full Kitesurf Equipment included. You can bring your own sun glasses, sun cream, shower towel, bottle of water.
  • Professional methodology : you will have a debriefing after each course to understand your progression.
Kitesurf stage essaouira

kitesurf group lesson

Want to learn to kiteboard in Essaouira? This is a more cost effective method of learning to kitesurf by pair. You share your kite with another student of the same skill level to maximize the progression. When you don’t have the kite, the interval time allows you to have a rest and gives you the ability to step back and observe another student. Getting to watch their achievements or mishaps can be extremely helpful at mastering specific skills.

The best way for an easy introduction to Kiteboarding in Essaouira. 2 students of the same level minimum to book a group lesson.

Leçon kitesurf maroc

semi-private kitesurf lesson

Will consist of 1 instructor for 2 people in which each student will have their own gear. Our Semi-Private lessons are designed for those who wish to learn fast and become an independant kitesurfer in no time. Don‘t worry, there are never more than 2 students per instructor so both receive the highest quality of professional teaching. Students are paired with another student of the same skill level to maximize progression. This course can be for students with zero experience, as well as intermediate or advanced students.

The most recommended Kitesurfing class in Essaouira. The course will be intensive, ideal for those who are eager to learn!

Kitesurf essaouira

private kitesurf lesson

Will consist of 1 instructor and only you. You will have the kite for yourself. The lesson will be 100% flexible and you will learn at the maximum speed. With the exclusive attention from your instructor, you will acquire the skills and essential knowledge about kitesurfing in the fastest and safest way possible. A perfect option to attein the lofty goals you had set for yourself. You can start from zero or continue with your progress, if you already have experience. Take advantage of this private lesson to become an independent kiteboarder in Essaouira.

If your goal is to learn as quickly as possible with the highest value for money, this is your ideal class!

matériel kitesurf essaouira
kitesurf gear at essaouira

Kitesurf equipment rental

Rent kitesurf material in Essaouira. Why pay the airline fees for sports equipment? If you do not want to deal with the cost and hassle of bringing all your own kite equipment, then it is easy to rent through us. You will be able to test, fell and see the excellence of the last F-ONE Bandit’s of the Year.


kite gear storage in essaouira

If you bring your own kiteboarding equipment during your stay in Essaouira, you can leave it on the spot. Our school offers kitesurf material storage. You will have access to lockers, changing room and showers. And you can clean and dry your equipment after each kite session.


your question about kitesurf equipment rental

Our School offers supervised kite navigation in Essaouira.

During your last kitesurfing session, you were already able to kite upwind. You will kite for the first time in Essaouira spot, and you would prefer to ride with some assistance. Let’s choose a supervised navigation!

An instructor will stay by your side on the spot while you are riding. He will help you in case of emergency or if you need assistance. His role is not to give a lesson, but we will give you some advice about the spot and the wind, and he will always keep an eye on you.

The supervised navigation is the best way to keep training in a safe way as you ride by yourown at Essaouira !

To be able to rent kite-equipment here with us in Essaouira you have to be a safe and independent kitesurfer already. You must have an autonomous level and an equivalence of IKO Level 3 certification.

A member of the team will help you to launch your kite and evaluate your level. If he finds that you are not enough autonomous with your kite, he will ask you to land your kite and offer you to join a course.

Essaouira Kite Paradise is a F-One Pro School. We offer Kite Bandit and equipment of the year to hire.  You can choose the kite size of your choice, and change during your rental session with the wind get less or more powerful.

  • 1 session : lasts from 1h to 3h max of navigation,
  • Complet Kitesurf Gear rental : kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, helmet and impact vest.
  • Kite rental only : kite and bar.
  • Board rental only : strapless or twin-tip board.

We offer Breking gear insurance on the spot for kite equipment rental at Essaouira.

The insurance is not compulsory, and it covers you in case that you damage the equipment during your rental session.

Kiteboarding gear rental prices