Kitesurf : understand the wind window

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The wind window is a an expression used by wind sports (such as windsurfing or sailing) and kiteboarding. It corresponds to the area where the kite can fly. The kite obeys the wind direction.

The edge of the window

On the edge of the wind window (green zone), the kite generates its minimal power, because it only receives the true wind. It is also where we use the kite clock as a reference for teaching. Positions 9 and 3 o’clock are also called launching and landing positions. 12 o’clock can be called the Zenith too.

Kite : Power Zone

On the center of the wind window, the kite will be able to accelerate and create an “induced wind” which associated with the “true wind” will be called “apparent wind”. This is where the kite can generate its maximum power (red zone).

wind window kiteboarding